DiSorbo Overview

DiSorbo is a Texas focused Consulting Firm…that specializes in traditional environmental consulting, and services a wide-range of industrial clients, and consists primarily of senior technical staff, with headquarters based in Houston.

DiSorbo conducts business with Honesty, Integrity, and Respect… never compromising the safety of our employees or clients.


DiSorbo | Markets

  • Refining and Petrochemical
  • Upstream and Midstream
  • Power and Energy Related
  • Manufacturing and Services
  • Law Firms


DiSorbo Culture

  • Produce High Quality Work
  • High-End Service Provider
  • Provide Cost-Effective Environmental
    Compliance Solutions
  • Utilize Best Qualified Internal and
    External Experts
  • Continue To Use State-of-the-Art
  • Grow to Create Value For Clients
    and Employees

DiSorbo Guiding Principles

  • Business Focus
  • Work Quality
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Commitment to Low Overhead
  • Employee Focused
  • We Will Have No Outside Ownership
  • Technology Driven
  • Safety Focused
  • Growth

DiSorbo Customer Profile

  • Types Of Customers We Help:
  • Those That Have Identified A Solution
  • Those That Have Identified A Problem
  • Those That Think There May Be A Problem
  • Need Senior Level Staff To Solve Problems
  • Need Texas-Based Experience
  • Need Quick, Cost-Effective Response